Where are we going?

Our first cruise on RRS James Clark Ross starts in St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. The scientific party will be travelling to the port at the end of May, to meet the ship which has been sailing north after a season of Antarctic research and supply work. We will spend a few days mobilising, which means unpacking and stowing boxes, setting up equipment, exploring the ship, buying a supply of chocolate treats to help us survive 7 weeks at sea.

When we sail we will head straight out to the Labrador Sea, making a CTD survey across the shallow shelf, over the deep basin and up onto the shallow shelf of south west Greenland. From there we will travel around Cape Farewell and re-start the section off the south-east coast of Greenland. We will survey across the Irminger Sea, the Iceland Basin, the Rockall Trough, and finish our work off the coast of Scotland. The ship will then sail around the UK to finish in the port of Immingham, sometime in late July. Our route is basically the solid black line on the map. Our sister cruises on the Knorr will be deploying instrument arrays at the blue and white locations shown here too.

The end result will be a long section across the sub polar gyre: a vertical slice of the ocean cutting through the middle of this huge re-circulating feature. We will have collected data showing us the distribution of temperature, salinity, currents, carbon, nutrients and some chemical tracers. All of this will eventually allow us to understand the circulation of the region, how much heat the ocean is carrying, and how much carbon is being absorbed by the ocean.


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