The 2015 Extended Ellett Line is now complete

by Penny Holliday

This evening I’ve been gazing at the passing coastline of Mull through gentle grey drizzle, contemplating what to write in this blog post. Earlier, we finished the last CTD of the cruise (number 85) in shallow Scottish inshore waters, marking the end point of the complete 2015 Extended Ellett Line. We have a real sense of achievement because the work we set out to do has all been done, and we even had a little time to do some extra work along the way. This happy state of affairs is really because we have had excellent weather for all but the first day or two of the cruise; confounding my pessimistic predictions at the start. It is also because our instruments and equipment have all worked well, and that is because of the skill of the people who are responsible for them.

Just now we are passing through the Sound of Mull, and tomorrow we will be taking the scenic route to Liverpool where we will dock and unload our equipment. The remaining work for us to do is to finish our data processing, run the remaining samples through analysers, pack up and clean our working spaces. We are all looking forward to going home, although for quite a few people there is a slight sadness about the cruise being over too. We’ve had fun as well as working hard, and new friendships have been made. The fun is not quite over of course – there is an end of cruise party to look forward to tomorrow night!

So the overriding feeling in the ship today is of a good job well done. Together we have exceeded our expectations of what we could achieve, and that is a very nice feeling to end on.

Photos by Penny Holliday


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