One cruise ends on Discovery and another one starts on Pelagia

by Penny Holliday

Well I’m finally home after 3 weeks away on RRS Discovery. I’m very pleased to be home with my family, feeling the warm June sun here in Southampton, but already missing some of the friends that I shared cruise DY031 with. The end of the Extended Ellett Line section was marked by our shared sense of achievement, and, excitingly, a few runs on the ship’s rescue boat just offshore from the SAMS lab near Oban. For those of us who dont usually get to play in small boats this was a huge treat. The rescue boat was driven by Evelyn, the third mate, who patiently took us all on joy rides around the bay. It was a grey and tranquil morning, and we could see people from SAMS waving to us on the beach. It was slightly odd for all the SAMS scientists onboard to be so close to home but knowing that we had a long journey to Liverpool to off-load our gear and leave the ship.

But we did eventually reach Liverpool on a cold and wet Wednesday lunchtime. The day was spent packing, tidying, cleaning and finishing the data processing. Eventually on Thursday we were able to see our stuff off the ship into vans and lorries and to start the journey home.

We are in touch with other NOC and SAMS OSNAP scientists who left Southampton on the day we were playing in boats off SAMS. They are on a Dutch ship, the Pelagia, sailing to exactly where we have been on the OSNAP/Ellett Line, to service some moored instruments that we left in the ocean a year ago. I’m hoping that during the course of their cruise they will be able to send us some updates on their OSNAP work to post on this blog. Watch this space!

Photos by Penny Holliday and Karen Wilson


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