OSNAP cruises on Pelagia

by Loïc Houpert

The OSNAP cruises on the R/V Pelagia left the NOC in Southampton on Tuesday 16th June. We (Clare, Colin, John, Stuart and myself) travelled south from SAMS to join the ship. The two OSNAP cruises will take place between Scotland and Greenland. I attached a picture at the end of this post from the 2014 OSNAP cruise, the color correspond to the surface temperature recorded by the ship thermosalinometer during the OSNAP2014 cruise. One can clearly distinguish the cold water, transported by the Greenland current, from the relative warmer water, east to the Reykjaness Ridge. transported by the North Atlantic Current (which can be viewed as the northward extension of the Gulf Stream).

The OSNAP 2015 cruises will follow basically the same path, by passing closer to the east coast of Greenland. The 1st leg (from Southampton to Reykjavik) is from June 16th to July 8th (Chief scientist: Stuart Cunningham) and the 2nd leg (from Reykjavik to Reykjavik) will be from July 9th to July 30th (Chief scientist: Laura de Steur). The purpose of these cruises is to service the Scottish, British, US and Dutch moorings, deploy RAFOS floats and deploy and recover gliders.

To set up the numerous moored, towed and autonomous instruments and to download the data acquired, a lot of computers will be used on board. These computers with other computers will also be also be used to analyzed the freshly recovered data. I finished setting up and configuring a workstation that will be used to centralized all the data acquired by the science team like the vertical profiles carried out during hydrological station, data from the one-year moored instruments, underway ship data (position, bottom depth, weather data, ocean currents).

150624 OSNAP2014_TSG_Data 150624 packing for pelagia 150624 the workstation for data processing


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