Glider recovered!

By Ashlie McIvor and James Coogan

Photo Credits: Winnie Courtene-Jones and James Coogan

The Extended Ellett Line cruise continued with another action packed day of discovery! It all kicked off with a fire drill at 15:30 and afterward we headed to the forecastle deck for hose training. Everyone had a fun turn of blasting water over the edge of the ship. With that done and dusted we progressed into glider recovery mode.

The poorly glider, Eltanin, had battery issues and was caught in a swirling ocean eddy, travelling in circles like a drunken sailor! As we approached, honing in on the position, it was all eyes on deck to spot the bright yellow casing bobbing among the rolling waves. Once spotted, the cauldron of excitement just about boiled over and the spectator sport began in earnest. We huddled on the decks above the work deck, and waited, cameras trained.

Retrieving her was a little more challenging. The crew assembled with a “recovery lasso” mounted on a long stick attempting to snare the disobedient robot. Multiple attempts were made in vain before the DIY extend-o-broom was brought out, consisting of a long stick with a broom duct taped to the end. The glider made one last bid for freedom before the combined efforts of extend-o-broom and recovery lasso managed to hook the tail and hoist her up. Eltanin was then stretchered off and treated to a shower after her long voyage. Well deserved!


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