Julian Daze

By Stacey Felgate

Photo credit: Liz Comer

We are a week into the cruise, and the newbie sailors have just about got a handle on things! Some things were pretty easy to acclimatise to (being constantly fed seems to suit us quite well) but others are still a bit of a challenge, perhaps best demonstrated when someone asked the question “who is Julian Day?”

Considering that timing is everything on a cruise, it is remarkably tricky to get the hang of. We left Scotland in BST. 3 days in, our mobile phones (and defacto alarm clocks) automatically switched to Iceland time (UTC) in the middle of the night, but ship’s time stuck with Scotland to avoid any confusion and almost every first timer missed breakfast in true ironic fashion. Fast forward a few hours, and we were introduced to the Julian Day.

Julian days run numerically on a 365 day cycle, and are what all ETAs are given in on-board. Day 1 of the cruise corresponded to day 158 in the Julian calendar, and so today is day 167. It is a decimalised system, and so times are quoted numerically: 167.5 would equate to 12PM today, for example. Except it doesn’t, because Julian days are synced with UTC, not BST, and so you have to subtract an hour, making it 11AM. Still with me? Good.

On which note, I may or may not be due for sampling on deck… wish me luck!

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