Lovely skies, sending Feili over the side, and whales at last

by Penny Holliday

Today’s blog is really all about the photos; we’ve had some lovely weather over the past couple of days and so working out on deck has been the place to be. We have also been continually scanning the horizon convinced that with these perfect conditions we surely must see some whales. This evening we were rewarded with the sight of several family groups of pilot whales nonchalantly cruising by while we did a deep CTD station.

And this afternoon, OSNAP postdoc Feili had a float named after him, which we hope will travel around the subpolar North Atlantic collecting temperature and salinity profiles every 10 days. The data from these Argo floats (‘Feili’ and many other similar ones in the region) will be making a huge contribution to the OSNAP goals by helping to give information about conditions between our mooring sites.

Photos by Penny Holliday


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