Surveying open ocean seabirds from the #RRSDiscovery monkey island for @SeaWatchersUK #EEL17

Giulia La Bianca is a volunteer for the conservation organisation, Sea Watch Foundation. Her role on board is to carry out a careful and structured survey of birds and marine mammals during the three weeks that we are at sea.

Her favoured position at the start of the cruise has been the monkey island – which is the open deck above the Bridge and pretty much the highest point that you can go on the ship. From there she has a fantastic, uninterrupted view across the wide open ocean which makes surveying the birds very clear. However, it’s really quite exposed up there and we have had to kit her out in some warm, water-proof and wind-proof clothing so she doesn’t freeze!

Today it has been very cold and windy, and so she very sensibly retreated to inside the Bridge where it is warm and cups of tea can be made….

Below are photos some of the birds she has seen – including some that might surprise you.

Photos by Giulia La Bianca

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