A long day of sampling, sightings & hundreds of wildlife pictures @SeaWatchersUK

by Giulia La Bianca, Sea Watch Foundation

Yesterday it was the first day for the CTD’s team to deploy their devices in the water column to sample salinity, water and oxygen. All members of the team diligently adapted their resting time depending on their “watches”. Therefore very few people turned up for breakfast, which means – ironically – that everyone started to be very busy.

A few people that were off-watch had the chance to be entertained by lots of playful common dolphins and seabirds. When observing wildlife from a big ship, it is very difficult to choose your viewing platform. Today has been one of those days where from any platform you would be able to spot marine wildlife, no matter what height you are above sea level. We were surrounded by common dolphins and several species of seabirds anywhere around the Discovery. From the monkey island, I got hundreds of pictures of common dolphins and seabirds.

You can find attached few pictures that I selected, especially for my mum. Yesterday was her birthday and I’d like to say Buon Compleanno Mamma!

Photos by Giulia La Bianca

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