Pilot whales …. and we are actually doing some work too!

by Penny Holliday

Since the dolphin extravaganza on Sunday we have actually done a lot of work (and I have the photos to prove it….). Through the days and nights since then we have completed over 20 CTD stations, processing the data from the instruments on the frame, collecting and analysing the water from the bottles.

We’ve had a few hours of down-time due to some high winds and enthusiastic waves, and it looks as though we are in for another break tonight – the pressure is dropping , wind is picking up, the waves are getting bigger. I suspect that very soon it will be too wild for us to continue working, and we will have to heave to for several hours and wait for it to pass.

But the North Atlantic Ocean is treating us to some delightful sights too – a lovely double rainbow this evening, and earlier, a pod of pilot whales came to check us out when we were on station. They spent ages just hanging around and looking at us, and, I imagine, listening to all the clicks and sounds the ship makes.

Photos by Penny Holliday

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